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Light, camera & me


“Photography is my passion – nature is my refuge. Combine the two, and that is where I am most at peace.”

I started out as a photographer with the urge to tell stories, give people new perspectives and ways of seeing the world. Today I am an educator, photographer, and influencer based in the silicon city of India, Bangalore.​

Combining wilderness conservationist training with several years in varied genres of image-making, I like to shoot whenever I get an opportunity with my crammed schedule as a photography educator.

What started out as a hobby has now morphed into my full-time occupation. It is fortuitous that my passion became my profession.

When I first picked up my camera, I realized that it was not just about capturing images. I knew that I had to immerse myself in the vast world of imagery.

I learnt not just to see with my eyes, but to feel with them and to develop my own style.

I’m interested in the poetic character of things, in the seemingly small unimportant things. There is hidden beauty in the ordinary and great beauty in the overlooked.

Many paradoxes fascinated me.  Little things are big. Less is more.  Imperfection is perfect.

Before I knew Photography became an inseparable part of my life.

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random notes

I’m NOT an award-winning photographer 😉

Photography taught me patience, persistence, and perseverance.

Photography taught me to be environmentally conscientious.

I am a firm believer in the pursuit of excellence.

Ever wondered, why most of us have the time to do things over, rather than do it right the first time!

Love to learn & share my experiences

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